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With the right team anything can be accomplished. We are that team. Equipped with highly trained and highly motivated personnel our crew can keep your project on time and under budget. Lilly mechanical holds licenses for Hydronic Heating and Cooling and Process Piping, HVAC Equipment, and Duct Work. Specializing in heat treat furnaces, we have acquired a long and respected reputation for our availability, work ethic, quality produced and willingness to work in those not so pleasant conditions.

Safety is paramount. Above all it is our duty to keep the crew safe. We have an extensive safety program and rigorous training. Our Crews are trained in fall protection, confined space to include rescue team, hot work, equipment inspections and general safety practices.



We offer a variety of welding processes including MIG, STICK and TIG welding. Our fabricators and welders are all well trained and enjoy their craft making their workmanship second to none. We are portable with a highly skilled field crew that is no stranger to long distance travel. We are experienced in a large variety of applications including pipe welding, structural, tanks and vessels to name a few. We often are tasked with water and gas tight applications with dye testing being required.

Process Piping.JPG

Process Piping

We have a specialized crew for our process piping needs. Our crew consists of expert pipe welders, expert pipe fitters and well-maintained equipment. We offer a wide variety of piping capabilities from welded pipe to smaller threaded pipe thin and heavy wall tubing to large and small PVC or CPVC pipe. Our fitters have a keen mind for supports and equipment maintenance in the future. Keeping our piping clean and organized and easy to remove for maintenance is a priority of ours.


Industrial Duct Installation

Industrial ventilation fabrication and installation for a wide range of applications. We have experience with hot exhaust for heat treat furnaces. Paint fumes and overspray, air makeup and general building ventilation.



Our experience in this trade is focused on High temp heat treat furnaces. We can brick new equipment or repair old. New rail piers and arches to wall and door repairs. Along with our refractory capability, our brick layers are also expert Heat treat Mechanics. We have the crew to turn key a rebuild. Alloy, mechanical and pipe.


Industrial Equipment Installation

Our team is equipped with the tools, equipment and knowledge to install a large variety of equipment. Heat treat furnaces are certainly our specialty however, our crews are well versed and experienced with the installation of paint and spray booths, Hydraulic presses, tanks and a combination of other projects

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